Personal & sensitive data from customers as well as general visitors to the website are never under any circumstances shared with any third parties.

You are not required to enter your full name as your delivery address. You are permitted to use non-identifiable titles such as “Household Owner” or initials such as “T. I.” or “A. A.” etc.

This website uses Google Analytics and Self-Hosted Piwik Analytics (open-source analytics released under GPLv3 license) to track customer behaviour across the website.

We recommend you use any available privacy extensions for your browser, such as Disconnect & Ad Guard which are available for Firefox and Chrome (Chrome is a privacy risk). The Cloudflare Firewall is set to Essentially Off so you can connect to our website using the Tor Browser if you wish.

Your sensitive & personal data is kept private and you have the right to have this data made available to you or deleted on request.

Any requests for personally identifiable or non-identifiable data will be promptly carried out in less than 72 hours and this includes removing your data from raw server logs, any backups, analytics databases, mailing lists or any other place that your data may be stored.

Your connection to the website is secured by SSL provided by Cloudflare, as well as a self-signed certificate between the host server and Cloudflare. Administration and email is conducted from the server IP so any changes to the SHA-256 fingerprint (potential MitM attacks) will be picked up almost immediately.