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Were you referred to LA Pumps by your Doctor? If so, head to the shop and you can see our whole range. Otherwise for important information, keep reading. Australian buyers can receive rebate for our medically backed Penis Pumps from their health fund if their Doctor or Surgeon recommends a high quality LA Penis Pump or LA Pussy Pump for treatment.

This might be shocking to most men who’ve just learnt about this, but for the smart men who read on, you’ll need to forget what you’ve heard about women not caring about penis size. Most people won’t believe us but in late 2012 a professor at Charles University in Europe surveyed over 300 women about penis size and how often they had an orgasm during sex. His research was shocking because it concluded that penis size was actually very important for women when it came to being able to have vaginal orgasms during sex but also for a woman to have multiple orgasms during sex.

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The study said that men with bigger penises were able to stimulate their partners better during sex and give them more vaginal orgasms.

If you are already satisfied with your penis size and can already give your partner vaginal orgasms during sex, then you are pretty lucky. But if you are wondering at this point if you are truly already able to give your partner exactly what she needs to make her orgasm during sex then we suggest reading on.

In life we always want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. Life is all about enjoying yourself so it would make perfect sense that if there was a way to make sex even better than it already is then we should definitely try it, right?

Did you know that most women have never had a squirting orgasm? Do you think you can trust a woman who say penis “size doesn’t matter” if she has never had a squirting orgasm before or even a regular orgasm?

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to come home from work and give your partner exactly what she needs to have multiple vaginal orgasms in one night. When a woman orgasms, her brain is loaded with a chemical called Oxytocin. This chemical is what makes a woman’s knees weak and makes her feel satisfied and loved. If you could make your lover feel more satisfied and loved by improving your sex life, why wouldn’t you?

The USA Medicare system spent $172,000,000 on penis pumps over the last few years. It would be fair to say that there is no way on earth the USA government would spend $172 million on something if it didn’t work. Penis pumps work because they massively increase blood flow to the penis. The penis is a muscle, and what happens to a penis during an erection is that it fills with blood. This is exactly the same as what happens in the gym – exercising a muscle increases blood flow to that muscle and over time that muscle grows and grows as the tissue inside the muscle expands and needs to accommodate the increased blood flow. The scientific word for this phenomenon is angiogenesis which means “new blood vessel growth”. The only reason there would be new blood vessels growing in the penis is if there was new muscle growing there that needs more blood.

What if we told you that there is a way to trick the body into pumping more blood into the penis so that over time it permanently increases in size? This is exactly what the LA Pump Vacuum Pumping System does. It creates a special seal around your penis and draws more blood into the penile tissue and over time the muscles in your penis grow. However, within just a few minutes of using LA Pumps for the first time, the penis will increase in size due to the blood flow. We recommend to take it easy during the first few pumping sessions because we want the penis to grow over a longer period of time rather than all at once to make sure the results eventually stay permanent. It takes time to build muscle and some guys email us saying straight after their first pumping session to tell us that their penis has grown upwards of 20% within a few minutes. What we say to them is, “Awesome work, now keep at it for 15-30 minutes per day to keep the new blood vessels and muscles growing.” Most customers keep in contact and buy the next size cylinder usually after one or two months. Almost all men experience permanent tissue growth in their penis size with the LA Pump. We actually guarantee it.

We can’t guarantee you will be able to give your partner more orgasms. But we can guarantee that your penis will grow in size and what you are able to do with it that is your responsibility. If the LA Pump doesn’t make your penis bigger then send it back to us and ask us for a refund. However, that would be our first ever refund because nobody has ever asked us for a refund. We have made a big business out of selling penis pumps because they simply work and we love helping the lives of thousands of men just like you. Actually, most of our sales are through word of mouth or Doctor referrals because of how well the LA Pump has worked for men just like you and their partners.

If this is your first time using a vacuum pump for rapid penis growth, then we please ask that you take it easy on your first few pumping sessions. While it is exciting to see quite rapid results after using the pump, we want to remind our clients that the muscles inside the penis need time to grow and that you make sure to pump each day to ensure the angiogenesis, capillary breakdown and rebuilding of the penis tissue becomes a routine.

For first timers, we recommend a penis pump cylinder and a durable hand pump. We have this combo package available on the site but only for people who read this page and are serious about growing their penis. Once you outgrow the first cylinder which will typically happens after 1-6 months of usage, you can visit our store again and choose the next size up until you and your partner are happy with the size your penis grows to. Our maximum size is 12″ inches in pump length. You can find the exclusive combo package here: EXCLUSIVE OFFER LINK

Below we discuss the full range of medically recommended LA Pump Vacuum Pumping Systems that are available now.

Wet and Dry Pump – The wet and dry pump supplied by LA Pump Vacuum Systems is a high quality hand held brass pump and is a little less expensive. It has extreme suction to draw all oxygen from the LA Pumps cylinders causing enlargement by pulling the plunger. It can be used dry or in water! So if you like pumping in the shower or bath this is the pump for you. It is easy to use and maintain. All pumps come with a connecting hose.

Deluxe LA Pump PSI Pressure Pump – This pump can only be used in dry conditions. It is has a handle grip lever that is used to allow for greater pressure. The meter allows you to accurately gauge the pressure being put to the body part and for extreme pumper this is important to ensure that you do not exert too much pressure. Again this device is easy to use. All pumps come with a connecting hose.

Penis Cylinders – All cylinders are made with high class acrylic material, are shatter proof and will very rarely be damaged. The only portion of the cylinder that care must be taken not to drop or bump is the connecting valve. In the case a connecting valve is damaged they can be purchased separately. Cylinders come in a variety of sizes and allow pumpers to change the size of cylinder as their penis grows.

Two Stage Cylinders – Many penis pumpers after a while which to graduate and enlarge other parts of the body like testicles. The two stage cylinder allows the user to pump and enlarge their testicles at the same time as enlarging their penis. This is not a novice item but one that a pumper graduates to.

Buddy Cylinders – When you don’t want to pump alone the buddy cylinders are a great option. Two cylinders that are connected with the connector valve between will mean that you will never be lonely when pumping as not only you will be getting a larger penis but someone very close to you will also. Extremely intimate and fun way to pump.

Mushroom Head Cylinder – The mushroom head cylinder is used specifically to enlarge the head of the penis. It is aptly named and many that use this device will have what looks like a mushroom shaped penis in that the shaft will look like the stem and the head the mushroom.

Pussy Pump – Recently pussy pumping has become all the rage. Women enlarging their pussies by pumping their vaginal lips. Especially when fully shaved enlarged labia really turn on the woman’s partner and because of the enlargement many time men have said that entering the vagina feel much tighter. Pussy cups come in three sizes. Pussy cups will also rejuvenate the labia and assist with dry vagina.

Breast Pump – There are also three size for the breast enlargement cups. These cups are used by both men who like to lady play, transvestites and transgendered as well as ladies that want to go up a cup size or two.

Clitoris Cylinder (Clit Pump) – It stands to reason that the longer and bigger a clitoris is the more area there is that can be manipulated and have sexual sensations. So clitoris cylinders are a great way to achieve this. Clitoris enlarging cylinders also come in three sizes and are used to treat atrophied clitoris and recommended by doctors for clitoral rejuvenation.

There are also accessories like connectors, donuts and more. So for all your penis enlargement needs using a vacuum system come to the quality supplier LA Pumps Australia.

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